Delicious in Dungeon as Cantrip Candles

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Delicious in Dungeon as Cantrip Candles

Anime lovers and D&D players have had the privilege of falling head over heels for Netflix's Delicious in Dungeon. The show (originally a manga) follows a crew of characters who delve deep into a magical dungeon in hopes of rescuing their friend and ending a horrible curse. Along the way, they must learn how to survive in the harsh environment by hunting, cooking, and eating monsters. The show features wonderful relationships, touching character arcs, and some mouth-watering meals. 

We struck up a conversation at the workshop about what candle each character would pick from our line and now, of course, we have to share our results with you. Spoiler Free! 


Our leading lad, and walking monster manual- Laios is absolutely obsessed with learning more about the creatures that exist in the dungeon. For that reason, we thought he would be drawn to Dungeon Depths. The watery blend of clay and black powder gives the sense of endless halls made of stone. Perfect for singing siren songs.


Every party needs a mage (and hopefully not a mad one). Marcille is a well practiced spell caster who understands the importance of staying well maintained when it comes to magic. From clean hair to staving off mana sickness, Marcille knows the tricks of the trade to crafting a good spell. Magicka Potion is a natural fit for her. Notes of lavender and lemon verbena keep any budding witch or wizard feeling in tip-top shape. It also has some dragon's blood in it, for a thematic (albeit kind of sad) pairing. 


A party caretaker and stalwart guardian to the group, Senshi is a dwarf who has spent enough time in the dungeon to understand the ecosytem of monsters. From beasts to golemns, Senshi knows how they work and how to cook them. Despite (some of) the party's protests, Senshi time and time again finds unique ways to boil, brew, and bake his way into his ally's hearts and stomachs. Goldwheat Bakery is a perfect match for this stout cook with notes of yeast, butter, and flour. Plus it's one of the oldest scents in our line, fitting for a man at 112 years old!


A rogue for hire, Chilchuck avoids combat where he can. Instead, his skills allow the group safe passage through the traps and tricks that the dungeon has to offer. Chilchuck makes it incredibly clear that he's really only on this journey for the money, and for that reason he's a perfect match for Adventurer's Emporium. The candle features notes of polished leather, amber, and clove - meant to give the feel of walking into an armory. Chilchuck created a guild for half-foots while living on the surface, so we're sure he'd have the business savvy to keep the shop running smoothly! 


Laios' easy-going sister, Falin is lost early on in the story, sacrificing herself to save her brother and friends, and is the set goal of the party for rescuing. She's functionally the cleric of the group, with natural abilities for both healing and dealing with the undead. One might consider Sanctuary (with its notes of incense and ginger, a clarifying holy scent) to be the best fit for her archetype, but we think Stonemoss Chapel is the better fit for a young woman who frequently skipped classes to take in the quiet wild places of the world around her.


A later addition to the party, Izutsumi's been cursed to live as a beast-man, with catlike features and characteristics. She's self-serving and impatient, but throughout her journey with her new companions, she learns to adjust somewhat and grow closer to them in her own way. For this reason, we've assigned her the Long Rest candle. The scent of pine and smoke mix sweetly and contemplatively, for warm patient nights of stealing the half-foot's bedroll.


Though not in the main party, Kabru plays an important role as a more people-focused party leader of his own, playing a direct foil to Laios. He has a tragic connection to monsters and doesn't do well in leading fights against them, but he does understand people, and is a skilled negotiator (those charisma stats are high). Since he feels more at home socializing and analyzing others, we thought Black Hound Tavern was the best fit for him; a place for easy conversation, eavesdropping, and subtle manipulation.

How do you think we did? Would you change any of these? What candle would you assign to Thistle, the Mad Mage? Now that the first season is over, it's a good time to catch up and be ready when season 2 comes out (we're crossing our fingers that it's sooner rather than later)!

And... not to spoil anything for our own candle line, but you might find some even more fitting candles from us later this year!

In the meantime, we'll try to follow Senshi's guide to a healthy life: Improve your diet, get enough sleep, and add some moderate exercise to your routine!

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