Do you have a brick-and-mortar location
    • Our store is located in Hollywood at 5427 Santa Monica Blvd #1/2 Los Angeles, CA 90029. Come by and experience our scents in person and build your own custom Sample Pack to burn at home.
    How long are wait times for online orders?
    • We process orders 2-4 business days after they are placed. Typically, your package will arrive within 2 weeks. Shipping times suggested by Shopify are estimates, so we recommend using your tracking info to receive the latest ETA for your order.

    • Note that demand increases during the fall and winter months so orders may take additional time to process and ship.

    • You can contact to request earlier drop-offs, but we are unable to guarantee expedited shipping services at this time.
    Do you offer international shipping?
    • We are pleased to offer international shipments through DHL Express. Shipping rates are calculated based on country and international packages typically arrive 2-4 weeks after the order is placed.

    • Depending on your destination, recipients may be charged additional customs or brokerage fees prior to delivery. Cantrip Candles cannot pay these costs, and we are not responsible for incomplete deliveries due to outstanding fees.
    • Please note that our matches are considered “hazardous items” and cannot be shipped internationally. Any matchboxes or products containing matches ordered outside of the U.S. will be refunded before the order is shipped.
    What does it mean when the tracking link says my package is “not in system?”
    • This means your label has not been scanned by our carrier yet. If you have a tracking number that has not updated in 5 days, please notify us directly so we can begin an investigation.
    How can I return or exchange a candle?
    • We offer exchanges or refunds for any unlit candle. Use our secure web form to provide your order number and the scent or scents you wish to return. We will issue a shipping return label for your order that can be used with the original box. We will process the refund and/or send the exchange(s) when we receive the returned item(s).

    • Once a candle is burned, we cannot accept it as a return.

    My candle arrived broken. What should I do?
    • DO NOT BURN A BROKEN CANDLE. Even small cracks could lead to hazardous situations if the product is burned. Return the damaged candle to its original packaging and safely dispose of it.

    • Please send a photo of the damaged candle to or upload via our web form and we will send the replacement as soon as possible.
    Oops, I put in the wrong shipping address. Help?
    • Let us know as soon as possible at If a delivery was attempted with the provided address, we will invoice you for the cost of reshipping.

    When will you restock a product?
    • We strive to keep our products in stock. Expect most candles to be replenished within a week. Wait times may be longer during material shortages and for certain items in our Storefront Collection.

    How long do your candles last?
    • Assuming a user does 4-hour burns and uses proper wick-trimming practices:

    • Our 6 oz. candles have an estimated burn time of approximately 30 hours.

    • Our 9 oz. candles have an estimated burn time of approximately 45 hours.

    • Our 16 oz. candles have an estimated burn time of approximately 60 hours.

    • Our tealight candles (available in the Sample Pack) are intended for one steady burn of about 4 hours. 

    Are the candles safe for my pet?
    • Generally, our candles are pet-friendly with the exception of domesticated birds who can be more sensitive to fragrances. Always keep your flame out of an animal’s reach and never leave your candle unattended.

    Do your candles contain phthalates?
    • We use neither phthalates nor other harmful chemicals in our manufacturing process. If anyone in your household has allergies or sensitivities to certain scents, try one of our Sample Packs first.
      Are your candles Vegan?
      • Our candles and ingredients are vegan and cruelty-free. There is no animal testing involved in our candle making process.​
        Do your candles fill a room?
        • Yes! We designed our candles to fill the immediate space with an immersive scent. Larger rooms or rooms with high-vaulted ceilings may need up to an hour of burning to diffuse. Please note that open windows or drafts can help spread or limit a candle's fragrance throw.