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Long Rest

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Warm, Golden, Contemplative 
Notes: Campfire & Pine

Long Rest is our ode to relaxing and roleplay. When the adventure comes to a pause around a cracking campfire, the real conversation begins. From long-hidden backstories being revealed to professions of love, we find that the best connection happens when the characters feel safe and sound. Use the warming glow of Long Rest to encourage vulnerable roleplay, exciting battle recaps, or just to simulate the sense of recuperating under a starry sky. 

Complementary Scents: If you enjoy Long Rest we suggest the outdoorsy feel of Hithmari High Desert or the sophisticated smoke notes of D'Jall, Lord of Bargains

Each hand poured candle features two cotton wicks, glossy black glass and includes a metallic twenty sided dice at the bottom!

Art by: Erica Nose
To learn more about all of the wonderful artists we've worked with check out our Artists page!


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
chelsea christensen

If you like the seasonal Yule scent from Cantrip Candles then you will probably like this scent, they have similar campfire/firewood notes. I got a sample of long rest in a recent order and it’s very campfire forward.
I’m not a big fan of these type of scents personally, but the candle is accurate to the scent description :)


This is my new favorite scent! It’s a very relaxing candle to burn while reading after a long day!

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