Ten Cantrip Candles to Help BURN Through Baldur’s Gate 3

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Ten Cantrip Candles to Help BURN Through Baldur’s Gate 3

Cantrip Candles was inspired by the exotic and faraway locales of our fantasies. A number of our signature scents are perfect for your days spent questing and romancing in the masterpiece that is Baldur’s Gate 3. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to light several of these if you’ve been logging as many hours as I have. Here are our favorite pairings


The Emerald Grove (ACT 1) - A Walk in the Woods

The Emerald Grove from Baldur's Gate 3 paired with a Walk in the Woods candle

Even an army of goblin cultists can’t ruin a breezy hike to the Emerald Grove! Although the forest is old, the new political climate caused by some displaced tieflings promises to pose a challenge for the resident druids.

Act 1 of Baldur’s Gate 3 certainly seems simpler compared to the intersecting choices and plot points that come after, so allow the airy notes of pine to relax your parasite-ridden brain– because you’ve got quite a ride ahead of you. We know the circle of druids would appreciate A Walk in the Woods. Channel the ancient power of Silvanus with this candle as you explore the fragile state of the Grove. Will you help those in need or merely serve your own ends?

The Water Queen’s House (ACT 3) - Brinewater Tides

A screenshot of The Water Queen's House from BG3 with Cantrip Candles' Brinewater Tides 16 oz. candle imposed in front.

The player avatar will find themselves on the Ravaged Beach not long after the nautiloid crash that starts BG3. It’s a prime location for our Brinewater Tides, but the game doesn’t require you to stay beached for long. There’s a pier where you may come across a book titled Shanties for the Bitch Queen, which was the only reference to Umberlee a.k.a. the Wavemother I spotted until Act 3 when you can visit The Water Queen’s house.

This is one of my favorite encounters in the game because it begins with girlies harmonizing at an upbeat funeral. The only thing that can make this scene better are the riptide, seaside vibes of a Brinewater Tides candle. Enjoy the notes of kelp and cedarwood as the sun-kissed waves roll into the temple. Be warned, these NPCs may be displeased if you don’t do as they ask. What would you expect from folks with a goddess lovingly called the Bitch Queen?

Guildhall (ACT 3) - Den of Thieves

Baldur's Gate Guildhall screenshot with Den of Thieves 9 oz. candle imposed in front.

BG3 would not feel complete without a few rogues and scoundrels to round out the game’s innumerable NPCs. I was so pleased to stumble on Nine-Fingers Keene and “The Guild” when my party finally made its way into the Gate’s Lower City. Tensions in Guildhall are high with the arrival of a mysterious “Stone King” and the cult of the Absolute threatening Baldur's Gate. Keene’s motivations are not entirely clear, but she is determined to maintain a tight grip on her beloved city by any means necessary.

The schism brewing between the Guild and the Zhentarim make this an ideal session for Den of Thieves. This is a scent for cavalier swagger and throwing back a glass of red wine right before you stab your associate in the back. There’s a feeling that you should be careful who you trust– then again, there’s information to be gathered…

Elfsong Tavern (ACT 3) - Black Hound Tavern

Screenshot of the Elfsong Tavern from Baldur's Gate 3 with Black Hound Tavern Candle in the forgroundWe spend so much time at Cantrip Candles talking about the Black Hound Tavern that it's practically a real place in our minds. In that spirit, I have to honor the Elfsong Tavern in Lower City, the reputation of which has enchanted Baldur’s Gate fans for years.

The famous ghostly song of the tavern’s namesake no longer rings out, but the hustle and bustle of Elfsong is ideal for our Black Hound Tavern candle. It’s not just about whiskey and firewood– our tavern candle is about late nights and good company. At this point in the game you can make a spacious room in Elfsong your new camp for rest and relaxation. Light Black Hound Tavern while you spend your evening catching up with companions or managing your inventory (C‘mon, those bags won’t organize themselves).

The Underdark (ACT 2) - Dungeon Depths

BG3 Screenshot of The Underdark with Dungeon Depths candle in foreground

I stress caution when it comes to BG3’s Underdark map. The Underdark can be the introduction to Act 2 for a lot of players. You’ll likely cross paths with myconids, duergar, and worse. The flora and fauna in this region fulfill the promise of the Forgotten Realms Underdark we’ve been eagerly anticipating.

At best, the Underdark is a rude awakening for players. Use the subtle hints of moisture and cavernous clay in Dungeon Depths to accompany your descent into the foreboding unknown.

Mountain Pass (ACT 2) - Mountaintop

BG3 Mountain Pass screenshot

I recommend circling back to explore the Mountain Pass if you braved the Underdark to approach Moonrise Towers and vice versa. Along the Mountain Pass you may come across Giant Eagles (see Rosymorn Monastery below), wayward NPCs and perhaps some Death Wardens. BG3 is about exploration, and I did my best to leave no stone unturned.

The spruce and copal resin of Mountaintop makes it a crisp scent. I burned it gladly while hopping and fighting my way along the treacherous path. Compared to the moist and harrowing Underdark, my Mountain Pass playthrough felt bright and grandiose as I burned my Mountaintop. Onward we go!

Rosymorn Monastery (ACT 2) - Stonemoss Chapel

Rosymorn Monastery

Rosymorn aka Crèche Y'llek is another reason to visit the Mountain Pass as it’s only accessible through that map. The interdimensional Githyanki play a large part in BG3. In the game, the githyanki have taken over this crumbling and moss-covered monastery as a base and training camp. Psionic encounters await you along with a holy puzzle that packs one hell (sorry, “heck”) of a payoff.

As you retrace the steps of the monastery’s Dawnfathers, we recommend our pastoral classic, Stonemoss Chapel. Your avatar may not be the religious sort, but there are few out there who don’t appreciate Stonemoss’ understated notes of stone and soil. You’ll be glad to have it while you’re investigating Rosymorn, fending off gremishka and Lathander knows what else!

Sorcerous Sundries inside Ramazith’s Tower (ACT 3) - Library Scriptorium 

Sorcereous Sundries

Congratulations! You’ve made it to Baldur’s Gate. Get ready for more quests than you can fathom. If your party needs some of those higher end spells, look no further than Sorcerous Sundries– nestled away in one of the largest buildings in Lower City. Originally the arcane stronghold of the late, great Ramazith, the Sundries shop is now partially owned and operated by one Lorroakan, who you’ll meet as he obsesses over something called “the Nightsong.”

Sorcerous Sundries is just one good fit for Library Scriptorium in the game as there’s many bookshelves to plunder. Notes of parchment and aged wood evoke hard-won knowledge and long-sought power that is finally within reach. People consistently tell us that Library Scriptorium is one of our most accurate scents and this candle will surely help you take BG3 to the next level.

Shadow-cursed Lands - Realm of Shadows (ACT 2) [COMING SOON]

Shadowcursed Lands

Let’s backtrack a little to the Shadow-Cursed Lands that take up most of Act 2. All roads lead to Moonrise Towers and you’ll have to brave this area to continue your quest. Thanks to Lady Shar’s curse and the unchecked power of General Ketheric Thorm, this is the most hostile region you’ve encountered so far. Expect no shortage of undead and other gut-wrenching encounters. Hold your Moonlantern close– unless you’ve found some other means to survive the curse!

We’re using this post as an opportunity to announce a new seasonal scent launching late September (Um, I’ll definitely still be playing BG3 then, right?) Embrace the darkness with Realm of Shadows, featuring notes of pomegranate, star anise and wet slate. Light this candle as you make your way among the graves and secrets of the Shadow-Cursed Lands. Are you excited? We certainly are!

Riverside Teahouse - House of the Witch (ACT 1) [COMING SOON]

Riverside Teahouse

Auntie Ethel is a doddery old NPC way back in Act 1 of BG3. She’s totally nice and helpful, but turns out to be a very evil hag.

You can meet Auntie Ethel early on in the Emerald Grove, but her quest line really gets cooking when you approach the Riverside Teahouse nestled in some swamplands in the southern part of the map. Your party will be met with warning after warning to steer clear of this monster, but it’s not in my nature to let a sleeping hag lie, and I’m hoping you feel similarly.

We’re so glad there’s a hag presence in this game because in late September we’re releasing another new smell. Our followers may be familiar with Baba Yaga, a popular but short-lived scent that we’re pleased to be bringing back as House of the Witch. This candle, with notes of blood orange and patchouli, has a brand new look and vibe that is perfect for your visit beneath the teahouse as you meet Ethel’s erm, “found family.” There’s a fair amount of spicy boss fights in Act 1, and I can tell you that House of Witch is worthy of this one.

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