Our Story

The Backstory

Cantrip Candles was inspired by my desire to enhance my group's tabletop experience. Years of hosting had made game nights very dear to me and I was determined to bring the ambiance to the next level. A spilled beer during a particularly rowdy tavern session brought me to a realization: scent was a key element missing from the tabletop world.

To my dismay, none of the products I found seemed to fit my needs. I discovered most candles were overpriced and didn't smell at all like their sellers described. I finally decided to try my hand at soy candles and what started as a hobby eventually turned into a business.

Now, my friends and I enjoy our nights with a candle burning in the background- adding to the magic of our games with each flicker.


Crafted with Intent

All of our candles are made with 100% natural soy wax, fine fragrance oil, and cotton based wicks. They are vegan, hand poured in small batches, and tested regularly to ensure scent accuracy.  

Creator & Candlemaker 

Christoff Visscher is a creative type in Los Angeles, California. He started playing tabletop games when the hustle of LA left him with little money but lots of friends. Now he works as a renaissance man and still has time to Dungeon Master multiple campaigns. ​

His favorite character class is a Sorcerer.