Owner & Creative Director

Christoff is the owner and founder of Cantrip Candles. He orchestrates a team of creatives to produce unique and artisan products that elevate the brand. Christoff enjoys the community aspect of tabletop games and his favorite scent is Stonemoss Chapel.


Company Manager

Danielle is the Company Manager for Cantrip Candles. She oversees a team of collaborators to bring new products to our customers. Danielle enjoys the camaraderie of roleplaying games and her favorite scent is Healing Potion.


Production Lead & Scent Designer

Benjamin is the Production Lead and scent designer at Cantrip Candles. Benjamin’s favorite part of the TTRPG space is the opportunity to jump into the lives of new characters and experience fantastical stories. Ben can often be found lighting a Forest of Fae candle when they feel the need to be transported to a faraway land.


Shipping and Wholesale Coordinator

Dash leads shipping and wholesale for Cantrip Candles ensuring our candles arrive safe and unbroken. They like roleplaying characters with a clear point of view and making strong choices that help drive a story forward. Their favorite Cantrip scent right now is Summerplains.


Art & Storefront Coordinator

Eva is the Art and Storefront Coordinator at Cantrip Candles, overseeing communication and projects with various artists we work with, as well as ensuring the storefront is a cornucopia of fantastical goods! They love character-driven storytelling, and their favorite scent is Sanctuary.

Cantrip Candles was inspired by my desire to enhance my group's tabletop experience. Years of hosting had made game nights very dear to me and I was determined to bring the ambiance to the next level. A spilled beer during a particularly rowdy tavern session brought me to a realization: scent was a key element missing from the tabletop world. To my dismay, none of the products I found seemed to fit my needs. I discovered most candles were overpriced and didn't smell at all like their sellers described. I finally decided to try my hand at soy candles and what started as a hobby eventually turned into a business.

Now, my friends and I enjoy our nights with a candle burning in the background - adding to the magic of our games with each flicker.

All of our candles are made with 100% natural soy wax, fine fragrance oil, and cotton based wicks. They are vegan, hand poured in small batches, and tested regularly to ensure scent accuracy.


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