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"Experience the invigorating essence of a frost-kissed mountaintop with our candle, blending the crispness of frosted spruce, the warmth of copal resin, and the rugged allure of coal for an unforgettable olfactory journey."
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Happy Trails To you!

Designed for sessions on the open road, Summerplains perfectly captures the fragrance of fresh cut grass and windswept citrus flowers.
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Explore a humid labyrinth of trees and ruins with our rainforest scent
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Putting the stoned in stonecunning

Kobold Kush

Designed with cannabis floral and pineapple for a high flying adventure.
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Candle Making Class

Our Candle Making Class is a unique, educational, in-person experience that allows you to create a custom scent inspired by your favorite tabletop adventure, player character, or whatever your heart desires!

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