• The Library Scriptorium 16oz - Cantrip Candles
  • The Library Scriptorium 16oz - Cantrip Candles
  • The Library Scriptorium 16oz - Cantrip Candles
  • The Library Scriptorium 16oz - Cantrip Candles
  • The Library Scriptorium 16oz - Cantrip Candles
  • The Library Scriptorium 16oz - Cantrip Candles

Cantrip Candles

The Library Scriptorium 16 oz.

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  • 16oz
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  • The Library Scriptorium
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Dry, Cozy, Warm
Notes: Parchment, Aged Wood & Leather

Muffled whispers and scratching quills are heard in this hall of knowledge. Wooden shelves house centuries worth of history. Spell books, bardic tales, and poetry are wrapped in leather bindings and perfectly arranged. Shh... be quiet!

Complimentary Scents: If you appreciate Library Scriptorium we suggest the strong sandalwood notes in A Walk in the Woods and subtle lightness of Dungeon Depths.

This 16oz candle has nearly 3 times more wax than our standard size and are double wicked for a clean, even burn. Each large candle includes a metallic d20 dice INSIDE THE CANDLE that feels absolutely magnificent to roll. The candle's burn time is approximately 60 hours and is capable of filling a large area. To top it all off, they cast a romantic glow on the table as the flame flickers through beautiful glass.

Made with 100% Soy Wax and poured in small batches


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
From Gift to Given

This was my first Cantrip Candle I received as a gift and it was the first candle I burned in my new home which quickly gave my home an aroma profile I adore. It's a perfect companion for working at my desk or reading on my couch, and I've loved this so much that I've bought two more since the original gift.


The scent isn’t overpowering and is really comforting

Perfect Smelling Candle

I found this candle via a shop where I buy my D&D items. And this scent was buy far my favorite out of all of them. I use specifically when I play D&D as it gives my house more of a vibe. With this scent and your D&D playlist your play time becomes much more real. And if D&D isn’t your thing - I genuinely think it’s the perfect subtle scent for fall. Or when enjoying a good book. Truly adds to the ambiance! Highly recommend

Strange on first smell but my new favorite

I didn't think this one was going to be my favorite at first but now I can't get enough.
Smells so cozy. Was not expecting the leather note but I think it works well. I need more of these so my home office smells like this 24/7.
If you don't love it at first give it a couple more burns before you give up on it!

Just like the label!

This really does smell like a library or old bookstore! The leather smell is deliberately faint compared to some of the other scents (like the Black Hound Tavern), which leads to this one being a more subtle candle, but it's one of my favorites to light for atmosphere. This candle is a fantastic background scent for so many places.

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