• Sanctuary 16oz - Cantrip Candles
  • Sanctuary 16oz - Cantrip Candles
  • Sanctuary 16oz - Cantrip Candles
  • Sanctuary 16oz - Cantrip Candles
  • Sanctuary 16oz - Cantrip Candles
  • Sanctuary 16oz - Cantrip Candles

Cantrip Candles

Sanctuary 16 oz.

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Bright, Fragrant, Spicy
Notes: Ginger, Incense & Saffron

Hymns ring through the halls as plumes of incense drift upwards towards the heavens. The stained-glass windows cast dancing prisms on the marble. A young paladin kneels in prayer, clutching her holy symbol. The presence of the divines surrounds you. Peace. 

The Sanctuary candle sometimes hardens with a slight blue-green tint to the wax. This is caused by a reaction with one of our oils! It's harmless, and quite frankly, looks a little magical.

Complimentary Scents: If you appreciate Sanctuary we suggest the warm sandalwood of The Library Scriptorium and the fresh incense notes of Magicka Potion.

This 16oz candle has nearly 3 times more wax than our standard size and are double wicked for a clean, even burn. Each large candle includes a metallic copper-toned d20 dice INSIDE THE CANDLE that feels absolutely magnificent to roll. The candle's burn time is approximately 70 hours and is capable of filling a large area. To top it all off, they cast a romantic glow on the table as the flame flickers through beautiful glass.

Made with 100% Soy Wax and poured in small batches.


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

Everything arrived in good order, the scents of each candle is as described and delightful, plus I love the little extras: a sample of the health potion candle and a gorgeous matchbook!

Relaxing yet uplifting

A beautiful unique scent, not over sweet but very relaxing.

My favorite scent of all time

This isn't just my favorite scent from cantrip, this is my favorite scent... from anywhere... ever. I just don't have the vocabulary to describe how truly ethereal this scent is. It's a candle that I make sure I keep in reserve at all times. It really is just the most heavenly scent. Anytime I burn this candle my home feels just a little more warm and safe. It even seems to have the perfect throw. It doesn't seem to overpower my senses if I'm in the same room that it's burning in, but I still catch traces of it when I'm far away from it in the basement. I really can't say enough good things about this scent, it is divine.

Thank you Christoph!


Fantastic scent. Didn't get to use it during a TTRPG session but used it all though my Tears of the kingdom playthrough. Love it. Can't wait to get another one.

Hands down my most favourite scented candle ever!

I don't even have the words to describe how good this scent smells. I was afraid that incense and spices blended together would be too overpowering, but this is anything but! As an incense lover I'll admit that I don't actually catch any incense notes in this at all, but I genuinely don't mind, because this is better without it. It's a very sweet yet light and refreshing smell that's hard for me to nail down - it just feels very welcoming, like a friendly hug. Complex yet subtle, it brings just the right kind of calming ambience to a space. I've never smelled anything like it before, and it's now my absolute favourite scent ever!

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