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Prepare for anything with our Potion Pack! Includes three 10oz Soy Wax Candles

Stamina Potion

Thyme, Ginger & Peppercorn

All of the ingredients used in our Stamina Potion are grown in the remote Stonepointe Gardens. Hermits, who maintain the plots of ginger, thyme, and peppercorn, reside on the property and utilize the plants for meditation. Consuming the special blend of roots and herbs has given many of the gardeners elevated strength and endurance. Travelers wishing to visit the picturesque spot should employ a ranger or guide so they don’t get lost along the misty trails.  

Does not include a die. 

Healing Potion

Sweet Citrus & Rosemary

Our healing potions are sourced from over 25 acres of citrus trees and berry bushes. The long, sunny days and gentle rains give the fruits a distinctly sweet note. The orchard is famous for its Yobana Berry, a small, red berry originally introduced to the region by early druids. The berry, when muddled with rosemary and other herbs, can restore vitality to even the most grievous wounds! Any professional explorer or adventurer would be wise to stock up before heading out of town! 

Includes Dice Envy's Infinity D4 at the top! 

Magicka Potion

Lavender, Dragon's Blood, Lemon Verbena & Sage

The Magicka Potion recipe blends lavender, lemon verbena, sage and dragon’s blood to create an enchanting fragrance and distinct indigo color. The potion is particularly effective at fostering a calming atmosphere perfect for practitioners of the arcane. It can also greatly amplify the strength of a spell or ritual. Mages of all kinds flock to the Night Market to purchase this potent potion and focus their minds.

Made with 100% Soy Wax and poured in small batches. 


Does not include a die.


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