• Den of Thieves 16oz - Cantrip Candles
  • Den of Thieves 16oz - Cantrip Candles
  • Den of Thieves 16oz - Cantrip Candles
  • Den of Thieves 16oz - Cantrip Candles
  • Den of Thieves 16oz - Cantrip Candles
  • Den of Thieves 16oz - Cantrip Candles

Cantrip Candles

Den of Thieves 16 oz.

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Deep, Smoky, Intoxicating
Notes: Smoke, Red Wine & Aged Leather

Slim hooded figures gather in a hazy, dimly lit cellar. Soft whispers speak in a mysterious tongue, careful of prying ears. Fine wines and stolen jewels decorate the room, like trophies from a hunt. One of the figures pulls something from their cloak- a coin purse, or a sharpened blade?

Complimentary Scents:  If you appreciate Den of Thieves we suggest the smoky, boozy notes of Black Hound Tavern and the spicy tobacco of Adventurer’s Emporium.

This 16oz candle has nearly 3 times more wax than our standard size and are double wicked for a clean, even burn. Each large candle includes a sunken metallic d20 dice that feels absolutely magnificent to roll. The candle's burn time is approximately 60 hours and is capable of filling a large area. To top it all off, they cast a romantic glow on the table as the flame flickers through beautiful glass.

Made with 100% Soy Wax and poured in small batches


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Aromatic Powerhouse

While this isn't my favorite scent (not a knock, CC just has so many fantastic scents I already love), it is tremendous at filling a space with its unique aroma and the scent lingers in a pleasant way that I enjoy even two or three days after a burn. It's a clean aroma if you're looking for something more crisp that'll make your home smell clean, this is a great selection.


This is the absolute most unique scent ever!!! I leave the lid off and my room smells like rich, brand new leather furniture! The smoke adds a fireplace/campfire element that sets the tone for the red wine notes, which are barely detectable. Love it!

First candle and I came back to buy more

This was the first candle I bought, and its scent was amazing! The leather scent stood out the most, but you could also make out the red wine and smoke scents. The aroma from this candle quickly filled a 20' by 20' room. So if you want to be transported to a thieves' den full of side glances, shifty characters, and dark wine, this is the candle for you.

My favorite from cantrip candles, and my favorite candle period

I've tried quite a few scents from Cantrip Candles, but this is the one I keep coming back to. It's strong, strong enough to fill a small room without being lit, and the scent is a perfect blend of smoke and leather that somehow reminds me of the scent that fills the air after a fireworks show.

something strange happening here ...

My friend bought me a sample pack of cantrip candles, and I really enjoyed the den of thieves scent. It was also INCREDIBLY strong, even as a sample - I can burn this buy guy in an upstairs room and smell it all the way downstairs ... although after the third burn of several hours, the candle started giving off a smell that was more reminiscent of chlorine rather than the smokey warmth I was used to. Burned for 3 hours at a time 3 times - which leaves me with a significant amount of candle remaining. I'm not sure what changed, or why the scent degraded - maybe I just got unlucky ...

So sorry to hear this Meghan, but thank you for leaving your review! The oils are consistenty spread throughout the entire blend, so there shouldn't be any change in scent. We'd be happy to send you a 6oz if you'd like to give it a second shot.

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