Inside Not Out

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Inside Not Out
It's 82 degrees outside. What to do? The beach? Amusement park? Night market? Pft. I would rather be playing D&D.

Critical Role's Hells Bells live at the Greek Theater recently proved that 2000+ attendees would be willing to brave the LA traffic and swarm an actual play like it was a live sporting event. In the heat of summertime, it's easier than ever to capture that bygone innocence of playing imagination with your friends (or maybe not so innocent depending on your alignment).

TTRPGs mean a lot to me: shared storytelling, laughter, min-maxing, drama. My friends likely have different answers, but on Thursday night we're usually gathered together, rolling dice and doing the thing. So shoutout to my fellow indoor cats. Here's to a legendary summer of avoiding sunburn and subjecting ourselves to in-game exhaustion only.

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