The Cantrip Characters Redesign

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The Cantrip Characters Redesign

Three years ago we introduced The Cantrip Characters, four heroes that represent different departments of our company. Mr. Cantrip personifies the production side of things, Alice represents customer service, Jonah works hard as shipping, and Clover serves as a representative for our in-store and online events. 

Although we love the original art style, we wanted a look that was a bit more "battle ready." After all, while these characters mean business, they still need to be able to handle themselves when combat comes around. 

We've been keeping our eye on Thomas "Teeg" Ketchen of Teeketch Art and thought they'd give our characters the facelift they deserved! We love Teeg's bright colors, simple lines, and intense creativity. You should give their work a look at! Without further ado, let's check these folks out! 

Mr. Cantrip of Cantrip Candles wearing a blue robe, silver shirt, and weilding a "C" shaped staff with candle in the middle.

Mr. Cantrip - Half-Elf Evocation Wizard 

I believe that anything worth doing is worth doing right. I can't help it- I'm a perfectionist.

Mr. Cantrip leads the charge on the workshop floor, but takes a backseat approach to battles. As a fire weilding wizard, his magic offers an offensive barrage (provided his allies stay out of the way.) His early encounters with magic were self discovered once he got his hands on a used spellbook. He's a strong advocate for people being able to pursue what brings them joy. Not without flaw, he has a tinge of paranoia, thinking others are trying to steal his arcane secrets.

Jonah a half orc fighter holds a nautical themed sheild and and sword with a bag of packages as his side.

Jonah - Half-Orc Defensive Fighter

My friends know they can rely on me, no matter what! 

 Jonah knows how to go with the flow and keep it moving! Originally a sailor of the high seas, he gained a lot of experience with safely transporting wares between businesses. Now he uses that same expertise to guarantee your candles arrive safely! On the battlefield, Jonah is a front liner with a good degree of defensive maneuvers. No broken candles and no broken bones! Jonah aspires to one day own their own sailing vessel and successfully travel around the globe, starting from Long Beach. 

Alice wears purple and gold ornate clothing with blue magic swirling around her. Her tiefling horns are adorned with gold accessories.

Alice - Tiefling Peace Cleric 

Despite my birth, I do not place myself above other folk. We all have the same blood.

 Alice has lived a life that taught her to temper her emotions and find the good in everyone around her. This skillset makes her the perfect candidate for helping smooth things over when we've made a mistake. A practitioner of the domain of peace, she's always on time, happy to listen, and often brings coffee to meetings. Though her friends would describe her as flawless, her family disagrees with her decision to give up her noble status in exchange for a job at a Los Angeles candle making company. When peace is no longer an option and battle lines are drawn, Alice is an invaluable healer to her comarades on the field. 

Clover wears a draping green jacket with brown pants. They hold a pipe in their hands which blows out a plume of bunny shaped smoke

Clover - Human Circle of the Moon Druid

I'm socially awkward but can be quite personable when I come out of my shell.

 We originally met Clover speaking to the pigeons that live behind our storefront sign. It wasn't exactly love at first sight, but after seeing how well they were able to add a sense of ambience to the space, we grew to enjoy their company (Clover, not the pigeons). Clover handles all of the events at Cantrip Candles. Their tendency to space out is probably why events have been few and far between, but they're working on it! Opponents of Clover will often underestimate their combat prowess, thinking they're nothing more than a naturalist with their head in the clouds. When push comes to shove, Clover can tap into animalistic nature that knows no bounds. 


Want to play with these awesome characters? Give us a few weeks and we'll have character sheets available so you can add these fine folks into your home games! 

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