Lore Blog: D'Jall, Maevenon & Ozul

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Lore Blog: D'Jall, Maevenon & Ozul

Since the beginning of time, mortals have stared up at the stars hoping for answers. We ask for clarity in uncertain times, healing when we’re injured, and power when we feel overwhelmed. Most of the time, we are left empty handed and without answers, but every now and then, for a special few, the stars answer back.

Meet our pantheon of personalities . . .


D'Jall, Lord of Bargains
Symbol: A blood red quill top
Tenets: Wealth, Power & Desperation
(Pronounced: Duh-Jall)

 "The devil is in the details, and I have diabolical precision."

Demons and Devils are a dime a dozen these days, but D’Jall made a name for himself above the rest with his shrewd mind and silver tongue. A masterful visionary and social tactician, he offers his services to all lifestyles. Rich or poor, good or bad, immortal or not- it’s all the same to D’Jall. What really matters is the finality of the contracts. No loopholes, loose ends, or unclear terms. While many devils are able to grant abilities in exchange for promises, D’Jall is the only one who’s never had a contract broken.

Maevenon, Patron of Faces
Symbol: A broken column covered in thorns
Tenets: Trickery, Secrecy & Caprice
(Pronounced: May-vin-on)

"In the realm of illusions, I am the conductor of confusion."

Maevenon’s rise to power has been a long and arduous climb filled with treachery. Originally a low ranking member of the Seelie Court, Maevenon never garnered respect from their fellow leaders because they weren’t considered stern enough to rule. However, Maevenon always considered their flexibility a strength and continued to practice it until it manifested into physical form. With the power to shift their visage, Maevenon infiltrated private conversations, charmed naive lovers, and made promises they never intended to keep. Leaving a path of chaos and confusion in their wake, Maevenon left the Court. They now roam the world, gathering followers and delighting in the mischief that comes from being underestimated. 

Ozul, the Sentient Forge
Symbol: A sharpened blade appearing through a dark tear
Tenets: Warfare, Shadow & Craftmanship
(Pronounced: Oh-zull)

"In the heart of shadows, I am the craftsman of rebellion."

Ozul, the Sentient Forge presents itself to a special few individuals. Ozul was born out of an arcane mishap caused by a deity's attempt to sweep their mistake into the shadow realm. Facing nearly an eternity in darkness, the arcane energy grew and transformed, eventually taking a form similar to self-awareness. The energy learned to shape and mold the darkness, eventually fashioning great weapons for itself and taking on the name Ozul. Although Ozul remains forever trapped in the shadows, it has learned to communicate with other planes, forging bonds with mortals who share a hatred for the gods.




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