GAMA 2024

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GAMA 2024

We’re in Louisville, Kentucky this week for GAMA the Game Manufacturer’s Association Expo. We became members last year and were excited to check out the event!

GAMA is different from most other conventions we’ve attended in the past. For starters it’s a trade show specifically for creators, retailers, wholesalers and distributors of all things gaming. The expo features seminars and panels in the morning, exhibition halls full of newly released and upcoming games in the afternoon, and a raucous game room each night. 

The defining trait of GAMA seems to be a sense of access. Since everyone in attendance is already a member, there’s a strong sense of trust that creates a willingness to be open and transparent with each other. It’s not uncommon to rub shoulders with big time designers, well respected writers, and incredible artists. Furthermore, you’re able to strike up conversations on the fly with industry professionals- allowing for a really impressive sharing of wisdom. Without any ticketed events, invite-only panels, or other exclusionary concepts, GAMA takes the crown for having a strong sense of community. 

The business side of the industry comes through clear as day at GAMA. Instead of cosplay costumes, folks are dressed business casual. Handshakes and business cards abound, and everyone is incredibly respectful of each others’ busy schedules. The sense of efficiency is refreshing!

Our objective this week was to spread the gospel of Cantrip Candles, hone in on marketing strategies for future releases, and secure commissions with game publishers far and wide. We’ve been learning nonstop and are eager to put these new lessons into practice.


Our favorite part has been the game rooms each night. Players are encouraged to learn  new games and rewarded with drink tickets for participating. The result is a high energy space full of laughter and discovery. Those with particularly high Constitution stats are able to network into the wee hours of the night at the well stocked Conservatory bar. We had our fill of bourbon (it is Kentucky after all).

We head back to Los Angeles tomorrow and can’t wait to catch our team up on what we’ve learned. Our deep gratitude goes out to everyone who shared their industry knowledge with us and offered us the encouragement to keep growing. Most of the first-time attendees we spoke with immediately recognized the value of the convention and, like us, will definitely be back next year! 

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