Lore Blog: Abella, Florence & Javid

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Lore Blog: Abella, Florence & Javid

Since the beginning of time, mortals have stared up at the stars hoping for answers. We ask for clarity in uncertain times, healing when we’re injured, and power when we feel overwhelmed. Most of the time, we are left empty handed and without answers, but every now and then, for a special few, the stars answer back.

Meet our pantheon of personalities . . .

Abella, Goddess of Rebirth
Symbol: A star shaped flower
Tenets: Life, Light & Peace
(Pronounced: Uh-bell-uh)

"For every fall we have in life, we have the opportunity to rise stronger"

Abella has lived 10,000 lives, being born to a different set of parents time and time again. In each of her lives, she’s faced a series of struggles and lessons, sometimes rising above them, and sometimes failing. Nevertheless, she’s managed to enrich the lives of others through story, song, and humor. Choosing this cyclical life of birth and renewal, Abella keeps the memories of her past lives as tattoos on her skin. It is not uncommon for her to sacrifice her own life in an effort to save another's, trusting in the knowledge that she will be reborn. 


Florence, Prince of Death
Symbol: A stitched crescent moon
Tenets: Balance, Guidance & Repose
(Pronounced: Florr-uhns)

"Every soul’s final journey deserves a gentle escort"

Despite his young appearance, Florence predates the existence of many deities. Burdened with the responsibility of ushering the dead into their next stage, Florence chooses to approach the process with a gentle and guiding hand. Their moon lantern serves as a light in the darkness of the afterlife and their cloak is woven from threads of fate. Followers of Florence strive to maintain a kind demeanor, rebuking the more violent worshippers of death and darkness.


Javid, Steward of Knowledge
Symbol: An open book with stars
Tenets: Discovery, Skill & Wit
(Pronounced Jah-veed)

"A mind equipped with knowledge is sharper than any blade"

Once a mortal, Javid ascended to Godhood by studying the mysteries of the cosmos. While many people have learned how to access magical powers, Javid managed to master the origins of them. He kept rigorous detailed notes of all his discoveries, eventually creating an archive of knowledge. Javid read and wrote for so long that he failed to notice the passing of centuries. Once he noticed the collection of works he’d procured, he opened up the library to individuals who had a thirst for knowledge, although he made certain to test their wit and morals before allowing them entrance. Javid is sober minded and patient, only resorting to anger when information or knowledge is destroyed.




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