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christmas gathering of fantasy dnd characters

Our Community Highlights initiative was designed to give back to members of the tabletop community. Customers were invited to purchase sets of ten tealights and nominate someone in the tabletop community who has been influential or inspirational to them. Proceeds from each of these were then distributed to our four winners chosen from the nominees. Cantrip Candles received just such a gift from another small business early in our journey and it really helped us become what we are today! 

In December we announced the 2023 winners! Congratulations! Thank you to our customers who helped make this successful! We hope you will check out these great community members! 


Long Lost Lore is a twitch channel that streams role playing games. Here’s what some of the nominations had to say about them,

“The community is widely inclusive and the sheer amount of creativity of their content is refreshing.” 

“Long Lost Lore has become the place I feel at home on the internet”

“... a place where we get to laugh at darkness and dread from the safety of theater and play, and I am just so happy I’ve found this gem of a ttrpg community.”

Logan The GM 

Logan The GM (he/him) is a game designer, actual play performer and admin of Apochromatic Unlimited. Here’s what one of the nominations had to say about Logan,

“Logan uplifts marginalized people in the TTRPG scene with his work at Apochromatic Unlimited, a collective of POC creators publishing a quarterly zine elevating POC voices.”

Kat Kruger 

Kat Kruger (she/her) is a freelance narrative game designer and author. Check out what the community had to say about Kat! 

“Kat has always been the kind of DM that I strive to be” 

“... she’s always so quick to make our personal stories part of the narrative. She’s just great and we love her.”

“Kat is a talented and thoughtful TTRPG writer and DM!”

Rainbow Spaces

Rainbow Spaces is a 509(a)2 federally approved charity with 501(c)3 status that hosts D&D games and other events for LGBTQIA+ youth. Here’s what one nomination had to say about them, 

“They run small events in San Diego such as D&D games for queer youth and are also doing great things in the community.”


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