Elemental Formula granola - 2 oz

Our mini packets are perfectly portable single-servings of your favorite granola. These 2 oz packets slip easily into a pocket, bag, or lunch box for future snacking needs. Or, pour milk directly into the packet and eat straight out of the bag. Packets include a hang-hole for versatile retail display options.
Simple, yet elegant, Elemental Formula is an aromatic granola featuring pecans, sunflower seeds, and divinely sweet maple syrup from Vermont juxtaposed with zesty orange extract.

All our products are free of preservatives, dairy, and GMOs. We are certified kosher by International Kosher Council. Shelf life: 4 months.

Ingredients: Organic rolled oats, organic pecans, extra virgin olive oil, almonds, organic sunflower seeds, organic maple syrup, local honey, organic flax seeds, organic coconut flakes, organic sesame seeds, organic orange extract, cinnamon, ground cloves, salt.