Dockside Casting (see description)


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This centerpiece candle features a dockside town cast in concrete. The 20 oz of soy wax melts to reveal other details hidden beneath the surface. While burning, the flames appear as torchlights at sea, casting beautiful shadows on the four seaside buildings. After finishing, it can be reused as a catchall, dice rolling tray, or even a planter!

  • You may choose which scent you'd like your casting filled with from our current available fragrances. BE SURE TO SPECIFY WHICH SCENT YOU WANT IN THE NOTE AT CHECKOUT! 

  • Some assembly is required. The four buildings need to be attached to the base of the structure. They can simply rest on top, or glued with any PVA (crafting) glue.

  • These castings have a 1 week production time. Any additional items in an order that includes a Dockside Casting will be sent after the piece is complete.

  • After candle is finished, you can remove any residual wax with a hair dryer and paper towel, or by placing the casting in the freezer and chiseling off frozen wax.

9" X 7.5" X 6.75"
10 lbs. 3 oz.